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In this section, we hope to provide Agencies, Film Production Companies, Directors, Independents, Producers, and even Indie filmmakers with justifiable reasons to film in Thailand.

Compared to filming in other lands, filming in Thailand has some unique advantages, like the 3-day One-stop license procedure and a mature film industry that boasts of seasoned professional crews, accompanied by low production costs and exotic locations.

Efficient government procedures with swift filming approvals

The permission to shoot a film in Thailand can be only granted by the Film Board of Thailand, which is made up of representatives from several government agencies. These representatives make up the Sub-Committee, who review filming request for Foreign Film Production in Thailand (SRF), and who are appointed by the Film Board of Thailand. Their review constitutes of a “one-stop” service for foreign filmmakers, ensuring fast-approval for permission to film, provided all required documents and information are in place.

An un-paralleled variety of sceneries and locations

Thailand’s diversified historical sites, geographical characteristics, and the local lifestyles offer foreign filmmakers a variety of sceneries and location for every type of story-line. Every location is easily accessible through Thailand’s convenient and modern transportation facilities. Thailand’s natural topography presents a foreign filmmaker with a plethora of gorgeous mountain ranges in the north, a stunning plateau in the northeast, serene plains in the central part, and jaw-dropping coastlines kissing the Andaman Sea with the Gulf of Thailand in the South.

Thailand’s heritage sites are found in every part of the country. These heritage sites are the remains from Thailand’s rich history dating back to the Rattanakosin (1782 A.D. to present), and the Sukhothai (600 to 14000 AD). The lifestyle of Thai locals is a harmony of modern and ancient traditions with a rural and urban blend that gives way to many a unique filming experience. At the Mekong and Chao Phraya River Basins, traditional lifestyles along the river banks harmonize with ‘modern’ day living, leading to a surreal experience for filming crews the world over.

A-grade technology

Thailand boasts of talented filming crews, technicians, studios, and equipment that help foreign filmmakers realise their filming goals in the Kingdom. Due to the ever-present competition in the technology and entertainment industry, the filming equipment coupled with the skilled technicians are forever up-to-speed with the rapid international advancements. World-class post-production, production and pre-production equipment is therefore priced competitively so as to encourage its utilization.

An abundance of skilled filming crews

Famously known the world over as the ‘Land of Smiles’, Thai people are hospitable, hard-working and talented. These characteristics have led to Thais being service-minded and flexible. Local filming crews have worked in several international productions over the past decades, thereby harnessing and developing specialized filming skills in the Thai market. Having played host to several international blockbusters and having proved to the world that Thailand is indeed a serious player in the international filming market, Thailand is now ready to expand services and take on more international production collaborations than ever before.

Thailand’s creative and skilled production resources that include specialists in post-production, production and pre-production processes, are now confident about their ability to work in international scenarios helping foreign filmmakers transform their dreams into films.

Low costs of production

The A.T.A Carnet Agreement is valid in Thailand. This agreement allows for the temporary admission exemption of import taxes for all filming equipment, provided that all equipment imported for filming is exported back out again once filming concludes. In addition to this, Thailand has, with many foreign countries, signed Double Taxation Treaties as well. These treaties are devised to help stop foreigners from paying taxes in countries legislated under these taxation treaties as well as in their home country.

Low living expenses, when it comes to accommodations, transportation, food, and recreational activities, help tight budgets go a long way in Thailand.

Luxury of convenience

A variety of food, accommodation, and transportation facilities can be found in abundance in Thailand. Accommodation facilities range from guesthouses to five-star hotels to meet every filmmaker’s budget. International cuisines are also available that range from fine-dining restaurants to fast foods from roadside vendors. In addition to this, Thailand’s transportation infrastructure encourages travel and provides un-matched convenience for film crews. Vehicles like motor homes, helicopters, tour buses, and marine crafts can be rented at an extremely reasonable cost.

Filming in Thailand is a hassle-free process, as local coordination companies like ourselves handle all local and professional requirements to contribute optimally to the working success of one’s film. These companies assist with all legal documentation from coordination and contact with all related agencies to work and filming permits. Local coordination services comprise of production crews, transport, accommodation and location fixers, and fulfilling clients’ bespoke needs for special effects, equipment, and other technical services.

Image courtesy Bangkok Video Productions 

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