Who We Are?

Aryan Films is a Pattaya-based, mixed-media production company that helps film production houses, marketing agencies, musicians, artists, and brands tell their story in the land of smiles – Thailand. Aryan Films help produce feature length films, provide digital advertising media solutions, shoot music videos, document weddings, record short experimental films and much more. Our specializations cover pre-production to post-production services like acquiring filming permits and filming equipment to location scouting and transportation, to name a few.

We have complete trust in our ability and go to great lengths to ensure our clients maintain the same level of trust in us at every stage of the production process. There are no half-measures at Aryan Films while undertaking commercial or corporate projects (big or small) like conferences, live events, tv-shows, documentaries and of course the occasional short and feature length film.

Scope Of Work

What sets us apart from other film production houses in the Kingdom of Thailand is the enormous scope of work our fully qualified and equipped team undertakes in the film production process. Our services are designed to fulfil your Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production needs with the best in quality and cost Thailand has to offer.

We manage every aspect of building a large or small scale production for you. 50% of our clientele are start-ups (small-scale enterprises) of which 90% are foreign owned. We ensure we pay as much importance to the smallest of productions than the larger ones so as to ensure uniformity of services across all industries requiring film production services.


Our support and love for charities knows no bound with Paul Singh having started a charity of his own called ‘Mission Nepal’ that provided relief services to the Nepalese locals after the recent earthquakes that the nation apart. Keeping this love for charities in mind and with an un-ending desire to give back to society, Aryan Films welcomes charity projects with open arms and promises to lend our services at the most subsidised rates for the common good.

We Serve You With

  1. Filming Permits

In order to carry out any film production activity in Thailand, a foreign filmmaker must hire the services of a local film coordinator (individual or company) who has a valid registration with the Office of Tourism Development in Thailand and the Thailand Film Office. Such a film coordinator is required to, in place of the foreign filmmaker, obtain the necessary film permits. The film coordinator must also be used as a representation of the foreign filmmaker in any matter arising during as well as after the shoot is complete. (read more)

  1. Equipment

In the last two decades, Thailand has emerged as one of the most sought after filming destination in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Keeping this in mind we only supply the very best in filming equipment to our clients.  Some of the Equipment we supply include – 35mm Cameras, Digital Cameras, 16mm Cameras, Spherical Lens Cameras, Anamorphic Lenses, Special Purpose Lenses, Digital Lenses, Underwater Equipment, Heads & Legs Video Assist, Dollies & Accessories, Rigs, Cranes, Grip, Remote Systems, the latest light equipment, Stabilized heads, etc. (read more)

  1. Casting

Bangkok as you may already know, is a bustling metropolitan and geographical hub, a melting pot if you may, of all ethnicities and nationalities; one of the foremost reasons if not the main reason that a huge chunk of casting agencies have laid base here. Having built strong bonds with the best of these agencies allows us to present you with a plethora of models, actors and extras representing all ages and personality types. (read more)

  1. Location scouting

Thailand’s landscapes are as diverse as they come. From white sandy beaches and awe-inspiring sea beds to Mountains, forests and concrete jungles, Thailand has it all! Besides its world-famous beaches and nightlife, there’s much more to Thailand that can make for an amazing film than meets the eye. (read more)

  1. Transport & Lodging.

Aryan Films makes sure its clients’ every need if taken care of right from working on their travel itinerary from their home country to putting them up in the best accommodation their budget can afford. Our network of hotels and off-beat lodges in the remotest of Thai locations are un-matched. We know how important deadlines in shooting dates can be and therefore go to any length to make sure you reach your preferred shooting locations on time and get a good night’s rest as well. (read more)

Our filming crew works according to international standards and lauds itself over its ability to source quick solutions as well as ideas to help any film production house reach its goals no matter the budget.  We have industry professionals working around the clock to ensure your deadline and budget is met without fail. In case there is a professional you wish to employ the services of and we do not have them, you can be rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to get you that person via our plethora of contacts throughout the Thai film fraternity.

Our Mission

We at Aryan Films aim to be the very best (in quality and content) film production company that mirrors global film production standards, in order to present our clients with the best filming solutions in Thailand (at un-matched prices).

~We strongly believe in the power of collaborations to help a story reach its desired audience and beyond~